Company Profile

SHIMI SAKHTEMAN Co. - literally translated as Construction Chemical- was founded in 1972. Construction chemical was very little known to public citizens at that time, so most of our activities were bound to large industrial projects and military industries. Lack of skilled operational staff in using the chemicals in constructions led us to plan a series of training programs. In order to meet satisfaction of project managers, we acted in several cases as contractor and directly associated with them to make this industry known. By this way, we began to generate more income while the continuous blooming activities resulted in more competency in execution and production. These activities continued until 1978. From mid 1979, many major and large industrial projects were halted as a result of revolution which created new policy at that time. Also, because of Iran-Iraq war, and insufficient foreign exchange , supply of raw material was hindered and this caused a reduction of output in the section of construction chemical of the company. But , the company shifted to textile chemical which led to a substantial rise in this field. Since mid 1980, construction activities have begun anew and following that, those factories who were manufacturing construction materials were revitalized .Due to this rebound in construction activities, SHIMI SAKHTEMAN could make a frog leap in the construction chemical. Since then, SHIMI SAKHTEMAN has been participating in all major civil projects and has had an acceptable performance